Investment Process

The cornerstone of our Investment Process is based on fundamental research with access to multiple sources including leading South African and global investment banks.

We believe that exceptional performance is achieved by adhering to our investment process through the active and independent investigation of investment opportunities. Our investment recommendations are driven from multiple sources with access to top-rated analysts. The research conclusions are then “stress-tested” through our own rigorous in-house process. In addition, we make contact with company management and schedule company visits, where appropriate, to get a first hand impression of their business.

We follow a style-neutral approach that encourages lively debate within our investment process, ensuring that all views are heard and considered. As an independent operation we have the flexibility to act fast and follow the collective wisdom of the investment professionals in our team. We have global investment competency through our association with “best of breed” investment houses.

The key objective of IMI client portfolios is to provide top quartile-risk adjusted returns for clients in line with their stated risk profile and return expectations. Managing risk is a key component to sustainable outperformance. It is our belief that it is better to marginally outperform a stated benchmark consistently over time rather than to chase top absolute returns over short time frames.

Our disciplined investment process determines that we adhere strictly to our approved list of stocks. Any change in our investment strategy is reflected in adjustments to all our client portfolios and hence we achieve a high degree of consistency in performance outcome amongst our clients in spite of the bespoke portfolio offering.